a modern day bohemia

The Eternal Child is a lifestyle company that revolves around exploration and  gathering together to feed our minds and souls with good food and creativity.  Producing in house print and online media along with hosting seasonal gatherings, workshops and pop-up dinners. We also have our curated online lifestyle shop featuring our Eternal T’s, home decor and botanical beauty + wellness products.


creative collective 

The other side of our company is a creative agency that produces intentional lifestyle media Strongly influenced by the natural elements of the earth .

We can be hired to create for you OR sponsored to create with you.

Our clientele is made up of like-minded artisan companies and influencers who strive to create beauty and wellness in this world.  

- l e t s   c r e a t e   t o g e t h e r -

What We Offer:

Photography. Creative Direction. Branding + Graphic Design. Video Campaigns.

Creative Direction for Photography + Video Campaigns 

Photography + Styling for Still Life and lifestyle Campaigns

General Branding  for Small Artisanal Companies 

Content Creation - Photo + Video

Atmosphere Design for Creative Events 

Sponsored Content Creation

Influencer Dinner + Event Collaborations

Influencer Workshop Collaborations 

Food Styling + Pop Up Dinner Collabs

In Home Styling 

companies we have worked for and with shooting campaigns, creating content and collaborating:

Food + Drink :

Forks + Vinyl

Nutra Organics 

Dram Apothecary 

Glacce Bottle

Belvoir Farm Lemonades

Wild Roots

Honest Tea 



Whiskey + Clay 

Corrin Ceramics 

Lustered Walnut



Local Wolves  - Yosemite Adventure 

Coyote & Oak

United by Blue Blog

Style me Pretty 

Martha Stewart Weddings

Botanical Companies :

Wild Honey Botanicals

Urb Apothecary

Plant Makeup 

Dram Apothecary 


Woodenspoon Herbs



APPAREL Companies : 

Solstice Intimates 

United by Blue

Parks Project 

Krochet Kids

Dr. Collectors

Will + Bear

Sadie A


Keet Warrin




Valerie Noell | Founder

Valerie Noell is a creative director and photographer focusing on artistic, intentional story-telling and thought-evoking experiences.  She creates under her lifestyle company, The Eternal Child, which focuses on exploration and gathering together to feed the mind and soul with good food and creativity. Valerie produces print and online media surrounding this concept, along with curating artful gatherings and immersive workshops. Her work is thoroughly connected with the earths natural elements, pulling from nature wherever she may be. She specializes in design and development, surrounding food and atmosphere, working with different brands and artisans.  As a photographer, she focuses on lifestyle and the artistry of food, portraiture, still-life and nature. Her work is driven to evoke emotion if it be either captured within a photo, or laid across a table to experience.

See more of her work here.