Isn't it amazing when you watch the people around you step out of their comfort zone's and grow within their creativity? I find it one of the most inspirational and refreshing things to be able to witness first hand.  And Mr. Joey Haro has done just that.  

Such an overly creative and talented spirit he is.  Once a late night doodle master and chalkboard wall connoisseur, now turned art class student and first gallery show artist.  I witnessed as he and basically the rest of my close friends, one by one, started attending Art Class with Julio Panisello at the Art Works Studio & Classroom.   Week after week they would come home with their own artistic masterpieces and week after week, I saw how they became more confidant within their creative minds.

I LIKE YOURS was a pop up group exhibition featuring artwork from the following artists:

Michael Barba, Joseph Haro, Michael Janofsky, Sarah Jennings, Julieta Lima, Ted Miracco, Christopher Noxon, Claire Louise Partin, Kait Walsh, Mary Worthington

Curated by Mr. Panisello with pieces created in art classes over the past month's at the Art Works Studio.  It was a lovely evening filled with many beautiful works and jam packed with lots of spirit. I am so proud of all of my fellow artisans who have been part of this journey.. and I will always be so very proud of Mr. Haro.  I like my friends a lot.  

Art Works Studio & Classroom

660 N Larchmont Blvd (@ Melrose Ave)

Los Angeles, 90004