Sledding just might be one of my favorite activities of the winter season, especially in Austria.  I've gone quite a few times now, but this last sledding venture has definitely come in first place.   After layering myself with way more articles of clothing than I would like to admit, we stuffed into the car and drove to a surrounding village.  It was a beautiful winters day and as we drove up the winding mountain road the tree tops began to thicken with white.  We arrived at the hike point and began the journey up the mountain. It couldn't have been more beautiful.  I hadn't brought my camera on this trip, as I was talked out of it by my sister who was afraid I would crash and burn with it in my hands.  So right off the bat I was annoyed and regretting my decision to be responsible.  Thank god for modern technology and the incredible ability the iPhone has. Every picture below was taken with my phone and considering that, I couldn't be more pleased to have the memories documented so beautifully.

We hiked for about an hour, the road was along side a running river that inevitably forced me to take a picture every five minutes.  As we arrived to the top, we then had  a traditional mountain lunch at the Alpengasthof Bergheim.  It was composed of freshly sliced meats, cheese, pickled veggies and of course,  a pint of Beer.    After we thawed out and stuffed ourselves once more, we then rented our sleds and began the race down the mountain.  

Here is a  fun little film I edited together with the small amount of footage we had from the day.

It's a great memory. 

Photo's Shot with iPhone 4s.

Video Footage / / GOPRO /  IPhone 4s  /  Canon 7D