Gathering with friends and family over a home cooked meal, for a holiday or just because, is by far one of my favorite evening events.  On this occasion however, it was for one of the biggest days of gatherings - Thanksgiving.  Now I know its has already been 2 months past , but I still feel the need to share.

I made sure when booking our travels to spend Thanksgiving in Austria so I could be with my sister.  Seeing as she has lived so far away for almost 10 years now, she doesn't always get to celebrate our nostalgic american holidays.  We ran around all morning looking for the special ingredients for the feast.  We almost had a holiday melt down the day prior, seeing as no where seemed to carry turkeys this early in the season.  Thankfully the 5th store had one frozen turkey!  We made all the classics: Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Brussel Sprouts, Pumpkin Pie and Nicole added a little Austria with Red Cabbage and Apple Strudel.  I ventured out front to pick some foliage from the woods to dress the table with and the boys spent the day playing games and making little turkey origami's to add some charm to our plates. 

It really was a relaxed holiday.. no traffic on the roads, chaos at the grocery.. no black friday preparations or parades and dog shows to pretend to watch.  Just close friends and Family set across a peaceful mountainous backdrop of the Alps.

EQUIPMENT / CANON 7D / 50 MM 1.4 / 24 MM 1.4


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