The Streets of Innsbruck are filled with colorful pale walls, eclectic one of a kind store signs and bistro tables filled with espresso drinkers and beer guzzling locals. We had a stroll through the Altdstat (old city) on our first day and stopped in the first of many Christkindle Markets to have an early afternoon Glühwein (German Mulled Wine) .  We followed that with a traditional Austrian lunch in one of the oldest buildings in the city.  Unfortunately I'm not sure if that sat well with any of us, but the concept was fun.  

Our afternoon was then filled with a stroll up the river up to a local animal preserve.  We were greeted by a pack of howling wolves, which is one of the coolest and most eerie sights to see and hear.  We finished the day taking the cable car up to the top of the mountain giving us a view of the entire city at sunset.  With the bitter coldness stinging our skin, it truly was a beautiful sight.  I will post those images tomorrow however, as there were so many I loved.