On the Third Day we decided to go on a small road trip to check out the surrounding villages.  I remember it to be a very cold day and we were in the mood for a little exploration from the comforts of the heated car.  Thankfully my sister offered us her volvo, as she had to work and explained  that there was basically one road we needed to follow.   So we ventured off into the unknown!  I was a bit nervous, at first being the driver, as I generally do not know what any of the signs mean in Austria.  But I quickly got comfy in the drivers seat and enjoyed the passing scenery.  

We stumbled across the village that is featured below.  The first image turned out to be one of my favorites,  which purely came out of driving down the wrong road and realizing that it quickly was the right one.   We followed the path that led from the end of the paved road into an open feild and found this small patch of tree's that were the perfect place to have a quick photo shoot.   

EQUIPMENT / CANON 7D / 50 MM 1.4 / 24 MM 1.4