Tokens and treasures.. yesterday’s pleasures.. Cheap imitations of heirlooms of old.. Dented and tarnished...Scarred and unvarnished...          In old Portobello they’re bought and they’re sold!   

Now, you can't walk down Portobello Road without humming a little bit of Bednobs and Broomsticks... in true American fashion.  One of my favorite things about London is their amazing markets.  From the fresh and tasty finds at Borough Market.. to the trashy cheap at Camden.. they have something for everyone, sprawled across the city.  

On our third day in London, we ventured to Notting Hill, for an Ozzy Breakfast at Granger & Co. , then made our way over to Portobello Road.  If there was one place in London I absolutely would want to live, it is by far, in Notthing Hill.  The Pastel painted walls.. kitch-y overpriced store fronts... organic farm fresh cafe's, filled with trendy housewives.... I just LOVE it's mix of energy.  I understand, to do this however,  I would somehow have to be a very wealthy socialite of some sort.. but,  a girl can dream. 

Portobello Road on the other hand, add's a bit of grit to the area. The Booth lined street, filled with thrift shops of bit and bobs, is where I can get lost for hours.  Unfortunately, we only meandered through the stalls for a short stroll, but it was enough to find a few treausres to take away.  

The very last stop on our London trip was at Brixton Village.  My lovely friends who housed us, lived only down the road and thought it would be a great place to have our final meal.   Brixton Village Market & Arcade is filled with a world of food vendors and local artists, selling their thrifty finds and handmade trinkets.  Hidden away behind a big blue door, you will find this gem, filled with locals enjoying a pint after work or couples cuddled up sharing a crepe and a bottle of red.       Honestly, it may be my favorite market in London and I urge any young adventurer to take time out to enjoy it's international uniqueness.      

EQUIPMENT / CANON 7D / 50 MM 1.4 / 24 MM 1.4