Hidden away on a colorfully dressed street lives a small kitchen where we spent our first morning in Madrid.  Olivia Te Cuidia is the name, meaning "Olivia takes care of you ".  How charming is that?  It's only a small cafe, holding maybe four tables and it peacefully encompasses the feeling of being in your sisters kitchen.  Simply decorated with toasters sitting on the large family table, mismatched chairs and beautiful raw wood, you instantly feel comfortable. 

 It's not your average cafe however, its only open weekdays and has similar hours to a store or office.  It certainly has something special tho.  We ordered an array of options as everything sounded so inviting and spent the morning day dreaming, drinking café con leche's,  and never wanting to leave.  

We then spent the rest of the morning window shopping and venturing into the local boutique's filled with handcrafted treasures.  One of our first stops was just around the corner from breakfast called Do Design.  A concept store that focuses on intergrating art and design into the home. There we made friends with the lovely owners and picked out little gifts to take away with us.  I believe joey bought thin framed scissors, and I decorative woodland animal adhesive tape.  It's the simple things that make us happy really. :)

Olivia Te Cuida

Santa Teresa 8

Madrid, Spain 28004

+34 91 702 00 66

Do Design

Calle Fernando VI 13

Madrid, Spain 28004

+34 91 310 62 17