I have partially been dreading this part of the my travels.  Up until now I have loved the images that have come from our adventures.  Reliving these wonderful memories and being able to share them, has really been special.   Nonetheless, as every photographer can understand... you sometimes, somehow, misplace things.  And the entirety of Madrid is just that.  Lost somewhere between Spain and London, never to be recovered.  I realized this shortly after I returned to the US and started the back up. It is a sad sad thing to loose images, especially when bits and pieces of what you lost creep subtly into the forefront of your mind.  Even tho there will always be a part of me that believes one day these images may magically resurface, I must accept what has happened and keep those still moments as memories. 

The images below reflect a lovely stroll we had through the city with Nuria, a friend I attended college in Liverpool with.  We knew when going to Spain we just had to visit her.  Nuria was nice enough to take us into her life for a few days and show us the true Madrid.  It could not have been a better introduction.   

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