I turned 28 this week! Yep.. I am officially one year older.  So I took a little time off the blog and spent the last 10 days celebrating life with my good friend Nicola, who was in town from London.  I had an amazing week, doing a million different things and spending time with all of my favorite people.  Really all you need on your birthday is to be surrounded by your friends and you really can't go wrong.

 There's something about your birthday that makes you feel like a child again.  You wake up early, so excited to see how the day will unfold.  I was a lucky lady this year as my big day was jam packed!  Planned by my lovely friends Joey and Noemi.  It of course started with breakfast at on of my Fav's, Blue Jam Cafe and then had us venturing to the the beach for a day of Pina Colada's, beach volleyball and silliness. The evening then unfolded with dinner, followed by drinks at a jazzy speakeasy bar in Hollywood.  I was again greeted by new faces who couldn't make the days events, which was a lovely way to finish off the night.   I decided to leave the camera at home, at this point and have the rest of the days memories to myself, so you will only see the day events below. 

 It really could not have been a more beautiful day spent with more beautiful people.  So I wanted to dedicate this blog post to everyone who has come into my life this past year and who have made me a more inspired and better person.  Love to you all and thank you.  Here's to an incredible 28th year, can't wait to see what happens.