| Courage , Dear Heart . |


Seven Hundred and thirty days ago I took a journey, across many states, to build a new home in a city of angels.  I didn't realize then how this move would inspire such a change in me.  How it would challenge me in the most beautiful of ways.  How it would break down walls I had spent years building and how it would show me, I didn't have to fight this battle alone.  You dive into the current of these cities and a lot of times, never make it to the surface in time.  I felt it in New York.. in Liverpool.. and yes, I sometimes feel the tides of Los Angeles taunting my heart... but I feel the warmth of the sun here and it sets fire to my soul.  

I know this new journey has only just begun.  Two years is really only scratching the surface.  There are so many more mountains I have yet to climb and they tell me it only get's steeper from here.  But, I refuse to settle with ordinary.  I want to live a beautiful life.  A life I can look back on and know I have lived.  So as I stand here, amongst the sparkling lights.. dreaming of what tomorrow may bring, I want you to know that I am ready.  

Here is to another seven hundred and thirty... Let it be an adventure.