Bringing you a little fall inspiration today!  One of my all-time favorite things to do is create a table setting and atmosphere for a gathering.  I wanted to pull one together that was simple, affordable and so easy for anyone to accomplish.  The main thing is becoming a good collector and forager.  I have a tendency to collect sticks where ever I go.  It has been a habit of mine for years now and recently become a bit of an obsession.   The best place to find the most authentic ones is by the sea, a river or forest.  I love wood that has been aged by the sun and especially the sea.   Once you have collected a good amount for a rainy day you basically have the base to many great table settings.  

With this table, I focused on using all things that were from the earth.  The base is branches and stones I have collected from the desert.  I then added a bit of thyme and a few pale small pumpkins to add the fall season into the mix.  I believe in making something special for each place setting.  A sort of gift for the lucky dinner guest.  I simply purchased bunches of fresh thyme, sage and rosemary and assembled small bouquets.  You can then use the rest in the big thanksgiving meal you will be soon preparing.   





This years fall wreath inspiration is made up of eucalyptus, sticks, feathers and a crystal for good luck.   


Peace + Love