A Plaid + Orange Holiday Table with an Olive Oil Tangerine Cake

Like most of the world-- the holidays are my absolute favorite time of year.  Decorating and setting a winter table is basically what I spend nights dreaming about. While this year has been a bit difficult for my family and I, as we just recently lost a few family members, it has made it hard to get into the spirit of the season.  I had some big plans for the holidays on the blog, but sometimes life just happens and you are forced to drop everything and change course.  

 Now only a few days away, I am finally sharing some holiday inspiration I have pieced together for my own christmas and new years.  Right before I left Los Angeles I had a holiday party for my LA family which inspired this table setting.  I had come across the recipe for this Olive Oil & Tangerine Cake on one of my favorite blogs -- the Aventures in Cooking-- and was so excited to try it. Satsuma Tangerines are in season here in California and are decorated across every store and farmers markets.  I had picked out a bag of them, as leafy oranges have always reminder me of christmas and knew I wanted to use them in cooking and on the table. 

about this table

I am so very pleased with the this variation on my Simple Plaid + Pine Table-setting. I am not usually a " busy-table- cloth" kinda lady-- but there is something so very nostalgic about this large plaid scarf I had found at ( don't hate me ) Forever 21. I have always used large scarfs as table runners, as it will give you offbeat and electic tables.   I was very lucky to find these stainless steel gold flatware at target.  At only $2 a piece-- I was legit sold. For the center of the table I simply placed the tangerines with some fresh blooming rosemary I had picked at a friends house and called it a day.  I have found in styling that less is always more and using natural elements always wins. 

Check out our holiday page to find more holiday inpso----

for the cake   

Find the recipe for Eva's Olive Oil + Tangerine Cake below.  I followed it to a T -- except I glazed it with Orange Blossom glaze and Royal Icing.  This cake was such a delight and the constancy was close to angel food cake, except thicker.  It's the perfect holiday table topper.


Table- Runner $15

Flatware $2/ea

Glassware $17