Blueberry Wild Child Tea Infused Donuts with Lavender + Earl Grey Glaze ( Vegan )

 I have never been one to brag about donuts. No late night dunkin' donut runs or fancy donut splurges under my belt.  I am your basic-- cake donut kinda girl or your typical girly - pink frosting with sprinkles, if I was feeling saucy.   I always wished I part of the donut fad, but secretly... just not that into it.  Which was always such a bummer, as I find them completely charming and idealistic.  From their shapes, to their powdery skin or glaz-ey exterior-- to their artisan or kitchy toppings.  Love. It. all.  

So-- I decided to make a donut that I liked.  That not only was just, so very good looking, but also was something I could justify eating. 

Now, if you are a fan of the current state of donuts-- do not think this recipe isn't for you.  It may say its vegan and I may also reference the lack of frying or the fact that it's not a typical donut texture or flavor, but it sure is sweet as can be. 

I have been wanting to bake me up some donuts for a while now.  When I was going through my strawberry and rose obsession, I wanted to basically just make a strawberry short cake donut with a rose glaze, but I thought -- maybe I needed to move past those two flavors for a bit.  ( don't worry-- I'm totally making those sometime soon )

With sweet treats and drink creation I have always been a fan of the simple syrup.  Either using fresh fruit, herbs, flowers or tea, I love experimenting with them as great base's of flavor and sweetness.  Which I use a lot of in this recipe. 

I had come across Tiesta Tea's Eternity Blueberry Wild Child loose tea, while browsing my local sprouts.  A lot of times, I spend hours perusing for inspiration at my local shops and farmers markets and a lot of times-- it works.  In this case, not only did the name just speak my language, but the loose tea was so vibrant, simple and beautiful, I knew it would be a great purchase.  I did not know, at the time, that it would be the heart and soul of what became my very first donut creation. 

 Blueberry wild child tea is made up of apple bits, hibiscus, elderberries, rosehips, blueberry, pomegranate bits and natural pineapple flavor.  I wanted to make sure to use every aspect of the tea so not to be wasteful.  Not only did I want to make a syrup, but I decided to candy the left over loose tea and use the un-candied loose tea as a simple topping.  I then decided I wanted to make 2 other syrups to use as glazes and made a lavender syrup and earl grey syrup.  I also candied the lavender bits to use as a topping along with the wild child bits.  

I believe in options when making something like donuts.  Keeping the same base and choosing different toppings like powder, earl grey glaze or Lavender glaze, then gave my guests a choice and a more exciting experience when enjoying the little beauties.  

Ok-- enough talking.. lets make us some donuts. 



Now on to the Toppings

There is just something so very special about these guys.  I can't believe how well they came out--  and have I mentioned that I actually like them!? To be completely honest, my favorites were the Earl Grey Glazed Donut and the Powdered.  The Lavender was also so very special, but more specific and not for everyones palette.  It also seemed sweeter than the other two, but that just may be due to the candied toppings I used.    I think they are the perfect treat for an afternoon tea or sunday brunch.  They add a certain level of kitchy-ness that baking a cake or muffins just doesn't encompass. Everyone I presented them to were more excited and I will be making them for most gatherings from here on out. 

Stay tuned tomorrow- for our summer retro table inspo that features a little more donut action. 

Til tomorrow----