Cardamon Coffee Cake with Stumptown Cold Brew Frosting + A Simple Fall Table Setting for the Perfect Afternoon Tea

Spent some time baking with my sister Nicole while in Florida last month.  We decided to make a coffee cake after buying some Stumptown Cold Brew and it was pretty tasty.  I love how we decided  to decorate this beauty of a cake.  It's all about presentation my friends.  We shot this on a stormy dark day in Florida, and I love how the images turned out.  So perfect for some October feels.   

I have always been a sucker for themes.  I believe every gathering, meal or simple afternoon cake + tea session is the opportunity to create a new table setting in my home.  I go in my back yard, or pick a few new greens or flowers on my walk home to help fit with my current project. I love simplicity within it, so know it doesn't have to be this big project for a simple afternoon tea.  With the use of some found sticks, some bushy white weeds ( seriously those flowers were basically overgrown weeds) and white linens, I believe I made the perfect table to support this beautiful cake.  

A little touch of Orange in the house for October...I believe its good luck.  

Have you picked up your pumpkins and gourds yet?! 

Happy October Children!