Foraging in Florida + A Simple Foraged Table-Setting

Summer in South Florida is tropical, humid and lush.  With its hourly quick change of weather to its vibrant over grown greens.  I grew up with a tropical jungle of a back yard , and honestly didn’t realize til I was older how magical it was.  While I am home, I tend to spend a lot of time in this jungle— foraging, playing or even just spectating. It is the thing I look most forward too, well that and my dogs.  

With some of our fruit trees in bloom, my sister and I took to the jungle to collect some Florida Avocados, starfruit and of course picked up some flowers on the way.  I believe in living off of your land, if you are so lucky to have any.  I have always dreamed of the day I own my own plot— either it be a ranch, farm or even just plain backyard, you better believe it will be filled with herds, flowers, fruit and veg.  

Over the next few days I will be taking from the land and putting together a few simple end of summer table settings, because you mind as well while you have a lavish yard to forage from.