Lemon + Fennel Gin Spritz

As summer is quickly ending and the cool breezes of fall begin to blow, we start to see the seasonal change in our back yards and at the grocery.  However, as we still have a good few weeks of warm weather at bay, I have created the perfect exchange of season spritzer that will cool you on a hot September day and help bring in fall.  I had the inspiration for this cocktail, durning my stay in Florida.  My sister's garden was just booming of Fennel.  It had grown almost as tall as I,  and was in full bloom. I find the fennel flowers to be quite beautiful. 

Now, fennel is not for everyone.  If you are a lover of licorice, then you hit the jackpot on this one. The natural flavor of fennel is quite strong and can be overbearing if used improperly, but I can say with confidence that this cocktail is not that.  It is simple, sweet and refreshing, with a kick of fennel flair.  I just love infusing spirits, syrups and oils,  not only are they one of a kinda, but they are quite beautiful in the process. 

This infusion has been one of my favorites, as fennel reminds me of the holiday season and I love working with every part of the fennel plant.   For this recipe I use my favorite Hendricks Gin and also picked up some Bolyan Lemon Seltzer at my local Fresh Market.  However you can also use your favorites, or whatever you find easily at your local shop.