Ojai is painted with yellow at every turn of the corner.  The winding roads are lined with the scent of spring and you can't help but stop to pick a few on the way up the mountain.  I was heading to the forest this time for a little break from Los Angeles. I sometimes need some silence and fresh air to ignite my creative juices.  I brought along my dear friend Kent Boyd for the journey and without any schedule for the next 48 hours, we got lost in the green and explored the town the town of Ojai, just because we could.  

On our way in, we came across a store front set in an old gas station.  Kent and I both squealed with excited at the look of it.  We are both suckers for some kitchy camp swag and local artisan finds.  If there is pottery, cacti and screen printed goods then I'm usually in my version of heaven.  I mean there was a wooden canoe hanging above us as we shopped.  It was the dreamboat of shops.  So if you are ever passing through Ojai, you must stop here //  Summer Camp   .


I walked away with the Collective Quarterly Magazine, featured to the left,  for some good reads while out in the green.  

Thanks to @ Kent Boyd

+ Summer Camp Shop