Redwood Ranch Retreat | A Trip to the Sequoia's Pt. II

This next post is going to be more of a photo journal.  I want you to experience the richness of the landscape as much as possible. I only had a little bit of time to actually do some photography while at the ranch, so this is the extent of what I was able to capture.  I always walk away from weekends like this feeling a bit of panic at the lack of photography I was able to do.  I have found it hard to be truly present when also trying to photograph, so I must choose. I get so caught up while living life behind my lens, so instead I must decide what moments are mine to keep and not to share.  

This beautiful imagery below is what I wish to share.  You will experience a bit of time on the ranch with the animals, along with a few moments I shared with the ladies down by the river.  I also got a bit of time to  photograph my good friend Kit Mcdaniel, a beautiful dancer from New York City. I cherish those minutes that I get to spend with good friends, capturing moments that will live forever.

Here is my part two of Redwood Ranch, my trip to the Sequoias...   

Redwood Ranch // The Eternal Child - Photography by Valerie Noell



I led the ladies in making flower crowns down by the river .  Everyone looked like little flower children and it made me so happy.   They were all so beautiful.

And before we knew it , it was time to head back.   Til the next adventure...

Peace, Love + Flower Crowns 


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