Summer Campsite Tonics with Fresh Peach, Pine + Strawberry

Just because you are off the grid, fireside and rugged-- does not mean you have to dumb down your drink of choice.  While you may not want to hike to the highest point with these ingredients, you can however bring them with you to your next drive in campsite, bbq or beachside gathering.  Using seasonal - local produce, I mixed together two perfect cocktails for a hot summer's day.  Using my favorite spirits and some wood-sy syrup --  I give you my --Muddled Peach + Pine Whiskey Tonic and Fresh Peach , Pine + Strawberry Gin Cooler. 

While I may reference each of these to be suited for the "Gents" and then the "Gals -- they are really just all together perfect for us all. 



Check out @ Dram Apothecary

Add Hendricks + Bulleit Whiskey to your liquor cabinet.

And always use fresh fruit instead of juice in your cocktails.

Thanks @ Kent Boyd

Recipe + Imagery by Valerie Noell