I never knew of such great things, as to which this earth has given me.  I never knew of such beauty and wonder as to which this land has provided.  I never knew it was so beautiful, the greatest masterpiece that this universe has seen... or at least that we know of so far.  

As a little lady, my day dreams took place in the woods.  Deep within the pine covered roof tops and bark filled walls.  I dreamed of a land far away from where I stood -- warm, in the tropics, with swaying palms and coconuts at my feet.  I dreamed of a land with running rivers that fell over mountainsides.  A land where the forest was your neighbor and the smell of burning wood was your perfume.  I dreamed of the wild.  

It took me many years to get to the wild.  I can even say I'm not really there yet, but I know of it.  I have tasted its fragrance and been bitten by its teeth.  I have danced with its many limbs and crave it unconditionally when I go.  So I visit often.  I want to see its many sides and learn it's language. At least, before it forever evolves into this modern society we now live within. 

So I went to Yosemite.  I wanted to see its tall stone walls and billowing waterfalls.  I wanted to stand next to its rocks and sleep under its tree tops -- the same ones our early explorers slept under.  I wanted to be wild and free from society.  I praised the ground below me and said  thank you for being so beautiful and for reminding me of how small I am on this planet.  How much I need to still grow to be at peace and filled with joy.  But for those few days, I felt it. 

I have many stories, many feelings about my few days spent in the wild.  Many that will come in the following blogs, so for now, let us just fall hard and deep into the greens and blues of Yosemite Valley. 


A special thanks to my Co-Captain + Model on this voyage Ms. Brittany Powell.  She was a rockstar.  Follow her at @iambriattany.

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Be the change. Til' next time --

Peace, Love + Wilderness