The Time Machine Part One : Desert Yellow Dinner

Welcome to an eternal child get-a-way - a desert time machine -tiki dinner and weekend in the desert. 


designing our table 

There's something about this mod 70's aesthetic in the desert, that makes me think of the tiki madness that swept America in the mid-century. There is something that I simply love about retro tiki culture - especially with the 110 degree heat outside , made me think that this trip to the desert may need some piña coladas and grilled pineapples.

I wanted to create a simple table that reflected all aspects of our location -taking place in the desert, at this eccentric 70's inspired house and with a flair of tiki around the edges. I paired my favorite lustered walnut ceramic plates with gold flatware and vintage yellow cups. I used hand-dyed turmeric napkins, that I made when dying our tee's, to bring a bit of the bohemian into the table.  I collected rocks and picked flowers from the surrounding area and added the watercolor rainbow - eternal child place tags to bring it all together.

 A simple- yet bright table in a house that has all of the personality you could ask for in a desert get-away. 

a dark rum spiced piña colada

a dark rum spiced piña colada

one part fresh pineapple juice

one part coconut creme

one part bacardi coconut rum 

one part whalers dark rum

5 drops forbidden bitters

half a fresh lime

a pinch of cinnamon 

a cup of ice - blend in blender on high. 

garnish with fresh pineapple, maricino cherry and a pinch of cinnamon

and of course a mini umbrella

on to dinner

We made a Hawaiian inspired meal with Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken, Grilled Peppers, Onions and Pineapple, Toasted Coconut rice and a Pineapple Jalapeño Salad. Something not to heavy to pair well with the desert heat and compliment our tropical drinks and tiki music.  


Part two - with eccentric desert style - coming tomorrow.