Making a Magazine | Behind the Scenes of Making Issue I

Making a magazine was an unknown world to me. I had never even opened indesign before starting this issue - let alone laid out a full magazine from start to finish.  So you can imagine that this first issue was filled with 'firsts'.  While I wish I could say it was a piece of cake - even tho many pieces of cake were eaten in the making of this magazine--  It was one of the hardest things I have created yet to date. A dream, that has been long in the making - but still did not come with its hurdles to jump and mountains to climb. From conceptualization to storyboarding, to pre- production to post -- I have learned more about myself as a creator and a human than I think I have in the past few years. They say build something and instead what you truly build is a part of yourself -- and that is what I did.

This day below was one of my favorite days.  It was our press check day.  As a first time magazine printer, I didn't know what a press check was -- but it is simply the day that you run the magazine for the first time checking the coloring and pulling old color off of the press. You keep adjusting the settings and printing again until the coloring matches your sample.  This massive machine pictured below is what prints the magazine on large sheets that then are cut and assembled. We unfortunately were not able to see the other steps completed -- but seeing it being printed was pretty rad. 

Classic obligatory peace sign photo with our printers - they were the best.

Classic obligatory peace sign photo with our printers - they were the best.

Thanks to the guys at Chromatic in Los Angeles, for letting us take a million photos and helping us print this first issue.