WINTER CHILD | An Ode to Winter


Winter Child - An Ode to Winter

winter child - I am like you.

I crave the bitter bite to my nose and crunch of snow under my feet.

The dark blue days and the early nights. The smokey fresh scent of warmth and the crackle the fire makes against the wood.I dream of a small life on top of the world, in a handmade cabin that has stood there for centuries.

The small window I would spend hours in front of, would be my theater - dressed in a garland of drying herbs, and playing out endless scenes of woodland creatures dancing in the falling snow.

The mornings would be spent sipping spiced teas and reading prose, until it was time to bundle up and face the cold.

The trek to the market would be on foot, and worth every step, as my tall green neighbors would whisper sweet somethings in my ear and if I were so lucky, mother dear would say hello.

It would be a beautiful simplicity,

the kind you only read about in storybooks. 

Dream on winter child --

the snow is but a white canvas--

 always waiting for you to leave your mark.