Cloudy Days for the Creative Thinker


Isn't it so very hard to focus, when you are lost in the clouds...?



This happens more often than not to the creative thinker.

So many thoughts all at once, leaves a blanket of white cast over our minds.


Some may say, I’m a serial multi-tasker, usually to my own detriment. What can I say, I’m reckless. I veer off the daily to-do list and go with my current spark of inspiration; The light hitting the wall ever so perfectly, casting a shadow over the freshly picked flowers, that so desperately need to be captured… the current tickle in my stomach that is craving an adventurous lunch that needs to be written down for further investigation… or the random inspiration to stop everything and paint, because heck, you never know where that flick of inspiration will take you. This is by far my best and worst quality as a creative entrepreneur and artist. There, I said it. I am so very imperfect, that the imperfections are too my inspiration. 

I constantly am practicing self discipline in routine making, while constantly justifying failure — does anyone else feel the same way?  I mean who doesn’t feel this way, right? Even as I write this down I am putting off doing a separate, less interesting task, like updating our inventory, or organizing our upcoming blog posts. In fact, this wasn’t at all the next blog to be written, it was this tickle of inspiration that came out of the previous inspiration that somehow took me off task originally. Did you follow that? It’s that circular human behavior that keeps repeating into the unknown.  

We are merely human beings, perfectly, imperfect and filled to the brim with creativity. Why should we close off our creative intuition to plainly paint between the lines? Follow the current social definition of success, which in no way promises happiness? I don’t have the answer for you on this one -- the rights and wrongs of being an artist or even more simply, how to think clearly on a daily basis. I do however know that day dreams happen for a reason and when I’m feeling distracted, I must give over to what the universe is challenging me with.  Don't fret I am not saying that everyday you should justifiably not get essential shit done - I am just saying that when the wind blows in that beautiful foggy weather, go with it. I find the most beautiful things happen when lost in a cloud.  

Peace, Love + Day Dreams