Easter Brunch at Home


You know me, any excuse to buy flowers, set the table and make a big meal and I'm there. Easter in my home has come in many forms over the years.  But, now as I am an adult child and spending many holidays with my family of friends I have accumulated in Los Angeles, a brunch feast is always on the top of the list. I needed something that was the right amount of effort, with everything I have going on these days, and I was not up for roasting anything.

So two quiches, chicken + waffles and a spring salad sounded just about right. Oh, yes... and of course every Easter must come with a homemade Carrot Cake. This year I used Molly Yeh's recipe, changing out the tahini caramel frosting for a classic cream cheese frosting and served it with a side of salted caramel gelato.   

Using carrot peels, I made these circular carrot flowers to decorate with. The green and yellow bits are crystalized cilantro and fennel herbs. I also threw on 3 white jelly beans, as little baby easter eggs. 

All ceramics by my favorite Lustered Walnut


on the menu

 caramelized onion, goats cheese and spinach quiche

caramelized red pepper, mushroom and bacon cheddar quiche 

fried chicken + waffles

a spring salad w/ mandrian oranges, pickled red onions, dill and arugula. Topped with goats cheese and balsamic. 

Molly Yeh's carrot cake w/ salted caramel gelato

To drink

strawberry lemonade spritzers w/ prosecco + gin

lavender milk cold brew


Peace, Love + Brunch !