New Year, New Dreams | Dream Catcher Tutorial


If there is one thing I have learned about dreaming - it is that one must be intentional. Every part of ones life must be geared towards that dream in order for it to be achieved. You can't just say it, you can't just see it when your eyes close at night - you must live it.

The dream catcher is a spiritual Native American symbol for catching dark and evil spirits and manifested dreams, but I have always seen it as a symbol of hope. I want to manifest my own destiny and create a reality that is filled with day dreams and creativity. In order to create that reality - one needs clarity and intention. Two of the most powerful tools for a dreamer. 

This is where the dream catcher comes into play. A symbol of protection and clarity for the artistic childs' mind and soul. A beautiful handmade net built with intention and placed  next to your bed or desk - there to cleanse your space of negativity and clutter.

I like to start out each year with a new net. It is inevitable that over the course of a year one's mind and body will pick up some unwanted baggage. Our dreams evolve, sometimes getting lost along the journey or sometimes they simply change. As we grow - they grow. As we change - they change. 

In my twenties, I felt like every year I had completely changed from where I began that year before. I was so easily influenced by my surrounds and the trends, that by the time the new year came, I was on a new track. Not only are your twenties so dang hard, but they are also the height of your dreaming. I think that is what your twenties are for.  To dream big - change loads and cry often. 

When you then reach your thirties you have more of a sense of clarity. Within yourself, your art and your relationships. But, even with that clarity comes constant uncertainty and fear. Which is why being thoughtful and intentional is so very important.

I make dream catchers as a reminder - a creative outlet to choose clarity - intention and hope. Why-- because I am dreamer and I refuse to be the fear that darkens those dreams - I want to catch them.        


I choose selenite as it is seen as liquid light and is named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene. 

Peace, Love + Day Dreams ...