The Art of Creating an Inspirational Space: Intro

what is your workspace like ? Are you like me and work at home most of the time? Do you have a studio space you have built for yourself? Or work in an office ? I have been thinking a lot about the importance of your work space. The things you are surrounding yourself with that inspire you to cultivate creativity in your day to day. I talk a lot about this to the people around me, and how important it is to nest where ever you go, and make the mundane, day to day tasks, beautiful. These little changes can help fill your life with joy and further help inspire you to be more creative. We don’t always have to hike to the top of the canyon or drive to the seaside to get inspiration, we can fill our homes and offices with it. 


I know these days, our social media and internet browsers are filled with unthinkable beauty. Unattainable beauty. Un-realistic beauty. And that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about the simple changes of curating a space, being intentional and filling it will objects that simply make you smile or your heart race. It may be for some; fresh flowers, others a burning candle, even simply a handmade ceramic. For me, it is all of those things and more. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, in fact a lot of my most prized treasures are things I found in nature or at the thrift shop down the street.  

Did you know that I always have to pick out my mug in the morning? It’s a bit of a tradition for me now. I base it off of my mood and what feeling I want for that day. I have accumulated a lovely collection of handmade ceramics by artist’s who have now become my, in person and online friends. The fact that this small object took many hours to craft, grounds me. It reminds me, that important things come with a story and were not created overnight. It also simply makes me smile - and sometimes we just need a little light in our day. 

All of these thoughts have come out of my re-branding of my company. It’s not really a re-brand, but a more intentional approach to what I truly want my lifestyle to represent. You may have noticed recently that I have put myself more so in my work. The truth is, I was always there, I just now have realized how important it is to be a human on the other side of this screen. A concept that makes complete sense once I stepped back and looked it, but there is always a sense of vulnerability when doing so. A vulnerability that I want in my work and in my company because it is real and it is beautiful. 

So along with my, The Art of the Salad, series I have been working on, where I have been challenging myself to get more creative with my greens. I will also be putting together a series of blogs based around the importance of nesting and intentional curation of a space called, The Art of Creating an Inspiration Space.  Even if you work in a 4 x6 cubicle with overhead lighting, you can still make it your own.     

Let me know what you struggle with in your home or place of work? Do you need help finding ways to fill your space with simple inspiration? Let me know! Make sure to look out for the series over the course of the next few months and sign up for the mailing list to get updates for new blogs. 

Peace, Love + Inspiration