Polaroids of Alaska // The Eternal Child

 I have just returned from a week exploring Jueanu, Alaska - and can I just say - it is incredible.  I understand how the call of the wild would inspire you to drop everything and just move to live a beautiful, peaceful life.  This trip taught me that I need to learn more about the environment that surrounds me.  It seemed that everyone I came into contact with knew everything about the eco system in which they lived.. from the water systems and  animals they walked amongst, to which plant was edible on the beach we were currently standing on.  They were just a more in-tune community that truly cared about the earth and I want to be one of those people.  

 While I am currently in my post travels blues.. mixed in with a bit of exhaustion, I am going through my thousands of pictures and just smiling and dreaming of my return.  I can not wait to share the rest of this trip with you, it was truly breathtaking.  Below is a picture from our last day in Jueanu.  We hiked to the waterfall at bottom of the Mendenhall Glacier.  You can't see it in this image, but that mist to the right is a pretty intense waterfall and that large body of ice behind me is a glacier.  

So while all I have left are these polaroids and memories.. I will dream on until the day I return.  

A part of my heart will now forever live in the mountains of Alaska. 

Alaska // The Eternal Child