Yesterday was EARTH DAY and in honor of celebrating this beautiful place we call home,   Avocado Army rallied the troops and gave back, of course in the form of Avocado Trees.  See we made a pledge, starting this week, that we will plant a tree for everyday this year.  The whole idea came out of a coincidence that we stumbled upon a few weeks back.  

Kameron and I were out getting footage for our FREE MAGGIE video and on the drive back passed this plot of land that just made us stop.  It was located right on the LA River and was calling out for some attention.  We stopped to make a little video because the wall stating "Earth Day Every Day" was just too good to pass by. You could tell at first glance that the Mural had been done a while back, as it had the wear and tear of nature and graffiti sprawled across it. So Kameron, in his usual fashion, decided to join in and tag the wall with the Avocado Army symbol.  Just our luck, we were quickly stopped by none other than, the man who painted the wall originally.  We got to talking and turns out, he has been working on beautifying the land for some time now, but the city ran out of money on the project a few years back.  So after some chatting and a few weeks of sitting on this piece of info, Kameron took action and came up with the "EARTH DAY EVERYDAY " Campaign.  Yesterday we gathered, cleaned up a lot, beautified a Mural and began the planting of what will be 365 tree's this year.  Thats pretty epic. 

Find out more about the project in EARTH DAY EVERYDAY PT 2 : AVOCADO ARMY.