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Making a Magazine | Behind the Scenes of Making Issue I

Making a magazine was an unknown world to me. I had never even opened indesign before starting this issue - let alone laid out a full magazine from start to finish.  So you can imagine that this first issue was filled with 'firsts'.  While I wish I could say it was a piece of cake - even tho many pieces of cake were eaten in the making of this magazine--  It was one of the hardest things I have created yet to date.

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Silver Rose Milk Elixir

After all of the chaos and stress this past week has brought -- I think we all need a little bit of sweet sweet wellness to soothe our souls.  This time, we have concocted a little elixir that is jam-packed full of all around goodness.  In this Silver Rose Milk Elixir you will find muddled berries, milk thistle tea, white rosebud tea, rhubarb preserves, rose water, colloidal silver and toped with vanilla macadamia-nut milk.  A great wellness cocktail to put you to bed or soothe your liver and belly after a bit too much fun.   

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Summer of 70's + The Art of Conceptualizing a Table Setting

They call it Inspiration 

The summer is filled with long toasty days and the yearning to play.  Even as a young adult, there is this nostalgic air about days spent in the summer sun.  To let go of all responsibility and get lost in some groovy tunes, pool side, is the summer break dream.  

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