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An All Hallow's Eve Dinner with Butternut Squash and Thyme Soup with Masa Dumplings

A little witch once told me that to brew the perfect potion, one must have all the finest ingredients. Advice that truly goes for almost anything in life. To create the perfect meal, the perfect atmosphere.. the perfect moment in time... you must piece it together with simply the best.

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The Birthday Babes with Savannah Latimer + Arie Free Look Book Pt. II

The party continues with these two birthday babes - Savannah Latimer + Arie Free.  Follow their at home birthday adventure, as they set up for the perfectly pink party.  I dunno about you, but I will be getting many balloons for my next birthday.  They remind me of my childhood and give me that little tickle of excitement in my soul.

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Fig + Fall | A Backyard Gathering

A simple fall gathering filled with veggies and greens.  I know this season is usually filled with roasted birds, gravy and mash -- but this doesn't mean you can't change it up and try out something new.  

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Cardamon Coffee Cake with Stumptown Cold Brew Frosting + A Simple Fall Table Setting for the Perfect Afternoon Tea

Spent some time baking with my sister Nicole while in Florida last month.  We decided to make a coffee cake after buying some Stumptown Cold Brew and it was pretty tasty.  I love how we decided  to decorate this beauty of a cake.  It's all about presentation my friends.  We shot this on a stormy dark day in Florida, and I love how the images turned out.  So perfect for some October feels.

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Summer of 70's + The Art of Conceptualizing a Table Setting

They call it Inspiration 

The summer is filled with long toasty days and the yearning to play.  Even as a young adult, there is this nostalgic air about days spent in the summer sun.  To let go of all responsibility and get lost in some groovy tunes, pool side, is the summer break dream.  

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