Spreading Some Joy this Valentines with Eternal Love Notes


I am a valentines baby... did you know that?! I was born on a thursday-- February 13th to be exact at 13:13. That's military time if you are confused. I know, so many 13's its a good thing I wasn't born on a Friday... however, I was still perceived as a devil child, as many are.

As a young one the concept of valentines day just meant day two of celebrations, gifts and lots of flowers. It's one of those holidays that its actually kinda awesome to have a birthday next to. If you're in love than its just lots of fun and if you're not, than its also still kinda lots of fun... because everyone is filled with lots of love around you. 

In honor of the big day of L-o-v-e, I'm gunna bring us back to the elementary state of mind that EVERYONE DESERVES A VALENTINE! SoI have watercolored and hand drawn some love notes for you to share with the rad humans in YOUR life.  These are for the lovers, the day dreamers the sister and brothers -- the people that inspire YOU and make your life full. Give some love to the people who love you and write them a note to remind them that they too are your valentine. 

I will be giving these out this year and pairing them with a little spirit kit  - a piece of Palo Santo wrapped up with a baby quartz crystal and some lavender. A little gift inspiration for you- a super simple and cheap gift idea to show the people around you how much they mean. 

You can download these babies on our shop downloads page and let us know how YOU gift them! 


The Red Velvet Superfood Latte mix by Nutra Organics

The Red Velvet Superfood Latte mix by Nutra Organics

Peace, Love + Valentines