My mother raised me right. She raised me to never think I was inferior - never think I was incapable of doing something myself and never think a man was more worthy. Maybe this is why I knew I could be an artist - I knew I could be an entrepreneur and I knew I could find happiness simply by looking within myself. When I think back to my upbringing and the humans who have come into my life, teaching me - inspiring me — I can honestly only think of women who have stayed with me as mentors and shaped me into the women I am today. My first Waldorf teachers - who put clay in my hands and taught me how to shape — showed me the world of watercolor and the power of song. My first drama school teacher, who gave me confidence and showed me the world of storytelling. My mother and her mother — who made every moment magical in my childhood - every picnic - birthday - hug — they taught me how important it is to make life special and beautiful and filled mine with lots of flowers and fresh fruits. 

I didn’t even realize before assembling this photo, how many women have impacted my life and business. It’s not something I sought after even intentionally, it is just something that manifested within this world of creatives and makers that I find myself. This photo is filled with women strong businesses, and artists that have enriched my life, work and company. Women who have been so very kind to collaborate with me, show up in my photos, stock my shop and inspire my work. This is only just the begging, and there are so many more who are not seen in this image who have helped me in so many different ways.

 Check out all of these ladies and their magnificent companies that are bringing light to our world. 


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Peace, Love + Sisterhood