If you are looking for a place that thrive's in locally grown organic produce, then you should visit Asheville, North Carolina.  The entire time I was there I indulged in the finest, freshest foods.... and lots of beer.  Part of me still felt like I was on the West Coast, but was secretly very excited that I wasn't.  

Asheville is  definitely on my list of cities you MUST visit in the US.   It has that perfect mix of warm mountain beauty and progressive hippie love.  From the charming pubs and locally curated shops in downtown to the small town appeal of upscale comfort food in West Asheville, you have a great mix of city and country.  I thankfully brought my camera along when we visited Sunny Point Cafe in West Asheville.  An independent restaurant that thrives in fresh upscale comfort food.. and they have own garden in the back.  I mean, come on..  Everything used is either grown onsite or from a local farm.  We took a walk through the garden while waiting to be seated and simply basked in it's glory.  

You should definitely grow where you eat...

Sunny Point Cafe // 626 Haywood Road // West Asheville, NC

Now I may not have had my camera along with me for the rest of the amazing spots.. but that doesn't mean I shouldn't still share them with you.... 

Enjoy great Music @

Jack of the Wood Pub // 95 Patton Ave // Asheville, NC

Enjoy Farm to Fork Burgers ( or Yummy Vegan One's)  @

Farm Burger // 10 Patton Ave // Asheville, NC

Enjoy great beer and atmosphere @

Wicked Weed Brewing // 91 Biltmore Ave // Asheville, NC