Vanilla Rose Flat White

Mornings like these.......... are pretty splendid.  Recently I have been into rose infused drinks and treats.  It all started with my experience at Moon Juice in Los Angeles.  I had there Rose Moon Milk, and it rocked my world.  So I decided to experiment myself using rose water and it has changed my palate completely and opened up so many new ways to experience food and drink.  

This morning I decided to use the rose vanilla simple syrup I made for the muddled strawberry + rose gin cocktails in my latte and it was simply perfect.   I have a nespresso machine, which first off changed my life in every way, being a coffee fanatic, and I made a almond milk flat white and topped it with the rose simple syrup and ground rose petals.  The coffee flavors and the aroma of the rose are prefect partners.

This is the perfect way to spice up your weekend of love this valentines.  I am surely making these lattes this weekend at the ranch :) 

Rose Vanilla Syrup Recipe