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Christmas Morning Pt. II with Peppermint Chocolate Latte's ( Vegan)

Part two of Chelsey Rose Health and our Christmas Morning Menu-- try our homemade Peppermint Chocolate Latte's -- or Peppermint Chocolate milk, for those caffeine free kids. I--- like many other's, absolutely die for a peppermint mocha latte the minute they are available in the shops. So I figured-- why not make one myself to share in the comfort of my own home with my friends and family on christmas.

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Christmas Morning Pt. I with Ginger Coconut Scones ( Gluten Free)

The perfect christmas morning should have plenty of sweets, warm elixirs and windows dusted lightly with white.  Chelsey Rose Health and I got together one last time before the holidays to talk about how to get busy in the kitchen with christmas-- while also being mindful of what sweets we indulge in. We came up with this tasty morning scone paired perfectly with our homemade Peppermint Chocolate latte. 

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Pear + Ginger White Sangria

With the holidays literally at out doorstep, I find myself entertaining the most this time of year.  With that comes lots of friends, lots of food and lots of boozing.  Which also adds up to lots of dollars.  A great way to save and also make something that everyone is a fan of is with sangria. I am a big fan of drinkable -- drinks,  ones that are easy, light and can last you the day with only a little bit of tipsy. This is a take on a previous Bourbon-Spiced Sangria from last year, except this time we are using Pear. 

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