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A Roasted Red Pepper Caesar with Sautéed Veg and Sourdough Croutons

I am not now, or have ever been, a big Caesar Salad person. Probably because creamy dressings really aren't my thing.  So, when my sister suggested making a Roasted Red Pepper Caesar Salad, I was like.... nah....  But, then I thought about it -- and I thought about how many people love such salads and are going out of their way to purchase ready made dressings, filled with unnecessary saturated fat and chemicals.

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Sweet Lemongrass Lemonade

Lemonade is kinda one of the best - refreshing drinks, ever created.  There is literally an endless array of options when it comes to spicing it up as well, and this time -- lemongrass was the obvious choice. It's super simple and add's a bit of a kick to the already delicious drink.  If you choose to squeeze your own, or buy a freshly squeezed carton- there is no way to go wrong. Make sure to decorate it and use some extra fresh lemongrass as stirs! 

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Pear + Ginger White Sangria

With the holidays literally at out doorstep, I find myself entertaining the most this time of year.  With that comes lots of friends, lots of food and lots of boozing.  Which also adds up to lots of dollars.  A great way to save and also make something that everyone is a fan of is with sangria. I am a big fan of drinkable -- drinks,  ones that are easy, light and can last you the day with only a little bit of tipsy. This is a take on a previous Bourbon-Spiced Sangria from last year, except this time we are using Pear. 

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