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Tart Cherry + Rose Watermelon Beer Cocktail

The cherry blossoms have bloomed and the spring weather has begun to feel like summer, so I felt it was only appropriate to spend the afternoon in the sun sipping tart cheery + watermelon rose cocktails, while reading the new issue of Bon Appetit magazine.

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Silver Rose Milk Elixir

After all of the chaos and stress this past week has brought -- I think we all need a little bit of sweet sweet wellness to soothe our souls.  This time, we have concocted a little elixir that is jam-packed full of all around goodness.  In this Silver Rose Milk Elixir you will find muddled berries, milk thistle tea, white rosebud tea, rhubarb preserves, rose water, colloidal silver and toped with vanilla macadamia-nut milk.  A great wellness cocktail to put you to bed or soothe your liver and belly after a bit too much fun.   

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