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Winter Seasonal Living Workshop + Farm Meal | January 26th 2019

This winter workshop + farm meal was the second in our seasonal living series, and it turned out to be everything I could have hoped for. For this one we decided we’d keep it a bit smaller and more intimate as a reflection of the season, as we were expecting typical Oregon winter rainy weather. However, just like our fall workshop, we had an unseasonably beautiful, clear day.

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A Carrot Orange Gin Cocktail with Turmeric + Ginger

Easter is tomorrow and it has me thinking of eggs and carrot and all things spring. I have been a lover of fresh juice for many years, a carrot, orange, ginger mix has always been my go to. So I naturally thought — now how to make that into a naughty brunch worthy cocktail, perfect for my gathering on easter Sunday. A simple cocktail, that’s not too sweet.  

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