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White Beans on Toast w/ fresh Lemon, Mozzarella and Avocado

A modern take on an old tradition. I will still always crave a simple tomato based baked beans on a piece of buttered toast, but this lemon and dill white bean salad is by far a healthier choice, filled with more protein and when paired with fresh homemade hummus, avocado and mozzarella is quite a delight.

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Grapefruit Marmalade + White Bean Farro Salad

The very first, twenty-eighteen addition to The Art of the Salad series — crafting creative and nutrient rich bowls of green. I very much have an affinity for fruit in savory dishes, especially mixed into a fresh leafy salad. Maybe it's my - warm climate, Florida roots speaking, but I can truly never get enough citrus in my life. 

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