Past, but not forgotten events


wonder. wander. waiting.|08.18.18 | pop up dinner 

You are invited to a night inspired by the desert, in the heart of  Los Angeles and here to evoke the senses and inspire the soul. We are creating along side Forks + Vinyl, a pop up dinner series created by Chef Shanti Medina. We will be creating a space with pieces of the desert to help evoke wonder and entice you to wander into the unknown.  

Forks & Vinyl is a dinner series centered around the question "What does this song taste like?" 

Inspired by the curiosity of wonder, beauty of wandering, and the tension and hope in waiting, we've created Forks & Vinyl: Wonder. Wander. Waiting. and are so excited to share it with you. 

What you can expect: 
6 courses inspired by 6 songs
Vinyl Hour and craft cocktails
A beautiful space designed to heighten the senses

Vinyl Hour begins at 6:00 pm
Seated dinner begins at 7:00 pm and lasts until about 10:00 pm


summer of love gathering | summer 2017

A mid-summer gathering lost in the fog and set amongst the tall trees of Lake Arrowhead. This evening was set at a 1940's A-Frame cabin and inspired by the anniversary of the first summer of love. With handmade ceramics, a seasonal menu created by Chef Nicole Simbeurger and a setting set by us. 

Photographed and featured in our first printed Zine in 2017

eternal child redwood ranch retreat

redwood ranch retreat | spring 2016

A creative relaxation retreat set in 3 rivers, at the base of the sequoias in early spring of 2016. Sixteen people came together to craft, meditate and feast. We started mornings with yoga + lead mediations, we explored the 190 acre ranch and its animals. We hiked and came together to make food and eat under the stars. A retreat to cleanse the soul and reconnect with oneself, the concept of community and nature.  

eternal child redwood ranch retreat


the ones that built us| forks + vinyl dinner collab | fall 2016

A dinner set under the stars in the backyard of a local Los Angeleno. “The Ones that Built Me”  dinner was based on different family traditions and experiences, that chef Shanti Medina has lived through. This dinner Partnered with the nonprofit Adopt Together – a crowd-funding platform that bridges the gap between families who want to adopt, and the children who need loving homes.

This dinner was also featured on Zoe Saldana and her Sisters Mariel and Cisely's Lifestyle Youtube Channel, Cinestar.