The Extended Shop-able Online Magazine Experience. 

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WELCOME to the first issue of the Eternal Child Magazine! Our team has worked long and hard to curate an experience that is filled with thoughtful story telling, featuring small companies and artisans that are creating awesome things with their own two hands. Our company’s ethos revolves around exploration and gathering together to feed our minds and souls with good food and creativity -- and we want to do just that with you in mind! This online extended version is a shop-able magazine, so you are one click away from all of our amazing featured companies.  

This is the first step in the journey of producing print publications, with a goal of releasing larger scale quarterly issues by this time next year. If you haven't already picked up or ordered the Free print version of volume one you should head on over to our shop. 

So to do that, we are looking for like minded creators and companies to feature, collaborate and work with! So if you think you would fit well within our pages or would like to submit a piece, please contact us at hello@theeternalchild.   

If you like what you see -- and want to continuing experiencing The Eternal Child Lifestyle we kindly ask for you to join our family today and support us on Patreon